Úri cipő – Kaptafa

Budapest, Akácfa utca 37-39.
+36 70 600 1886

Kaptafa is a calm and cozy breakfast spot during the day and a vibrant drink bar at night with ever changing bar snacks. The former shoe accessory store is built on traditions with smart upgrades just like the Hungarian versions of Croque Monsieur and Madame served in a retro bun or the buttery french toast with cheese and bacon and the soft-boiled eggs with goat cheese. Enjoy your freshly made meals all day with a great coffee or a Tubi-Ginger.

Opening hours:
All day – Every day from 9:00
All meals can be ordered meat-free.

choose your breakfast!

Menu A

Fresh Orange juice
Scrambled or Fried egg sandwich with caramelized onion and sausage or bacon

Menu B

Cheese and bacon-filled gooey french toast

Menu C

Fresh Orange
Homemade granola with fresh fruits
Coffee or Tea or Hot chocolate

Menu D

Soft-boiled egg or Turkish egg
Daily dessert

With 1 single Budapest Breakfast Card you are entitled to pick one from the offered breakfast options. 1 card can be used only once and only in 1 restaurant. Budapest Breakfast card can only be used at the restaurants mentioned on this website. Please give your card to the staff after having your breakfast. Bon appetite!


Úri cipő - Kaptafa

Budapest, Akácfa utca 37-39.