SixLetter Coffee Co.

1054, Budapest, Alkotmány utca 21.
+36 20 621 6666

SixLetter Coffee Co. is one of the fanciest breakfast & brunch spots in the city center. Their friendly, English-speaking staff welcomes guests with rich and tasteful breakfasts all day long at a prestigious location in Alkotmány Street. SixLetter takes the definition of high-quality ingredients and coffee very seriously. You can pick form a wide selection of egg dishes, sandwiches, pastries and sweet breakfasts all week. Highly recommended for brunch & speciality coffee fans!

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday 7:00–18:00

choose your breakfast!

Menu A

1 coffee or orange juice
1 sandwich from the showcase fridge

Menu B

1 coffee or orange juice
1 pastry

Menu C

1 coffee or orange juice
1 cake or cup cream from the showcase fridge

With 1 single Budapest Breakfast Card you are entitled to pick one from the offered breakfast options. 1 card can be used only once and only in 1 restaurant. Budapest Breakfast card can only be used at the restaurants mentioned on this website. Please give your card to the staff after having your breakfast. Bon appetite!

location of SixLetter Coffee Co.

SixLetter Coffee Co.

1067, Budapest, Alkotmány utca 21.