Oh My Green

Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 10.
+36 1 321 0448

OhMyGreen is a must-try place for vegetarians, vegans, health-conscious gourmands. They offer a wide range of healthy and delicious foods and drinks for those who suffer from gluten- or lactose intolerance. They also serve high-quality specialty coffee. You can find them at a great central location, very close to Ferenciek Square.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00–19:00,
Saturday 10:00–17:00
Sunday Close

choose your breakfast!

Menu A

Chia pudding with yoghurt
/ Fruit yoghurt with granola
Mineral water (San Benedetto)

Menu B

Sandwich in baguette with eggs or chicken Espresso / Cappucino / Tea
Oat biscuit

Menu C

Frittata with fresh salad
Espresso, Cappuccino vagy tea

Menu D

Vegan wrap
Mineral water (San Benedetto)

With 1 single Budapest Breakfast Card you are entitled to pick one from the offered breakfast options. 1 card can be used only once and only in 1 restaurant. Budapest Breakfast card can only be used at the restaurants mentioned on this website. Please give your card to the staff after having your breakfast. Bon appetite!


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