California Café

Budapest, Szent István tér 4.
+36 30 501 1880

The quality of California’s breakfast possibilities is proven by thousands of guests. Whether you go for a good cup of coffee to drink quickly or a breakfast to have together with your friends or family California Coffee Company is one of your no 1. Choices in downtown Budapest.

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 7:00–23:00
Breakfast is available from 11:00 AM

choose your breakfast!


Fresh orange juice
Medium size freshly squeezed orange juice


Choose your bagel!
Cheese bagel / Creamcheese
bagel / Provance bagel /
Tuna bagel


Choose your hot drink!
Any of the small sized hot drinks

With 1 single Budapest Breakfast Card you are entitled to pick one from the offered breakfast options. 1 card can be used only once and only in 1 restaurant. Budapest Breakfast card can only be used at the restaurants mentioned on this website. Please give your card to the staff after having your breakfast. Bon appetite!


California Café

Budapest, Szent István tér 4.